Friction Writer. —>>>>Picture 5

Though I didn’t verify this term with so much as a Google search, maybe a  Friction Writer could be:

  1. A career nomad who knows a little about a lot of things
  2. A sarcastic, non-expert who prefers comedy over substantive material
  3. A real softie on the inside, despite a mean, leathery outside appearance
  4. A writer at least at an 8th grade level

With any luck, I won’t get some letter of contention from disgruntled physicists claiming they are, in fact, the Friction Writers.

Now, I don’t agree with that old guy who said that a writer, by his very title, must excel in something other than writing, like parachutes, hunting, or macrame.

In fact, I think the main point of my writing is to work things out.  It’s not to instruct, sermonize, or even make you change your mind.  It’s more like a Think Pad.  You read it and either agree or disagree, hopefully with a laugh, comment, or conversation with me along the way.

I’m a 45 year old husband, married happily as a clam (because clams are happy) to my amazing wife.  I also feature five kids, which I believe makes a gaggle or a muster or at least a drove or something.  I live in suburban Houston and love it.  I’m reviled by many, however, for loving the Tennessee Titans.

I’ve done a lot, including: Video Production, Electronic Music, Foodservice Sales, Teaching, Bartending, Small Business Consulting, and collecting TV cable boxes from delinquent customers in scary neighborhoods.  Oh, and some writing here and there.  Currently, I am a Spanish teacher and tennis coach.  Overall, life has been rewarding.

Welcome to my website, and please join the conversation.